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Pay your destination charges till 4:05pm and get your release the same day!

Why do I need to settle destination charges?

You are not (yet) a customer of DBO Bahnoperator BUT your Container(s) is onboard of one of our trains and you'd like to pick up your Container(s)? No problem! Here at DBO Bahnoperator we want to keep things simple for you. But before you pay, check out why and what you're about to pay for. 


  • Why do I need to pay? I placed my booking to somebody else and have never heard of your company.


Answer: Most of our trains are public. That means that everyone can place a booking to us or to any booking agent using our trains. In average we have 18 companies on each of our trains who value our service. It looks like that you have booked with one of them or trough on of their agents. Like in Oceanfreight not all of our customers take over local charges at destinations. This is why the consignee or pick-up party need to take over local fees. 

  • Okay, what am I paying for? 


Answer: You pay for mandatory services at destination. These services are essential in order to comply with local laws and legislations or simply needed in order to get your container such as customs import processing like ATB (not clearance), handling charges of the Container(s) and document fees. Please note that every Container is granted a certain free time period at the terminal after it arrived (demurrage). After free time lapsed/expired there are daily demurrage fees to pay - prior to pick up!


That's the reason why we've choosen PayPal as our partner. We enable you instant payments. Don't worry about your truck scheduled for pick up as we can see your payment within minutes. ​We strongly recommend to settle your account 1 day prior to pick up to avoid delays. 

* For payments made till 4pm (Monday-Friday) the pick up ref. will be released shortly after. Payments made after 4:05pm the pick up ref. will be send next business day. We do NOT release pick up references on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays. DBO bahnoperator is does NOT take any liability for waiting charges of trucks or any other charges related to a missed pick up. DTHC are per Container. VAT applies to all local charges but you may reclaim VAT from your Taxbill. Thank you.

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